Our line of mud pumps was developed to meet the increased demand by drilling contractors for greater performance from their mud system while at the same time relieving the ever increasing pressure to get weight off of their rigs wherever possible.


  • The Centerline 7½" x 10" Mono pump weighs 1850 pounds less than a Gardner Denver 5" x 6" duplex but exceeds its' flow rating and pressure rating. It's even 825 pounds lighter than the smaller Garner Denver 4½" x 5" duplex.
  • The Centerline 7½" x 10" Duplex pump fits in the same place as a Gardner Denver 5" x 6", weighs 1200 pounds less and pumps twice as much. It even out-pumps not only the Gardner Denver 5½" x 8" duplex, but even their 5½" x 10" - by 20% - and weighs 4815 pounds less and is 29" shorter.

What makes our pump different?  All our weight and size savings mean nothing if our pumps don't deliver long term, day in and day out, trouble free drilling service.  We are committed to manufacturing a pump that drill rig manufacturers and drilling contractors recognize as top quality in every way.  The pump bodies on our production model are made of heat treated high alloy cast aluminum with strength greater than cast iron. Machining is done by CNC machines.  The machined castings are hard anodized inside and out to a hardness near that of diamond.  This protection creates an abrasion and corrosion resistant pump that will provide for many years of service.  The hydraulic drive cylinders are engineered for continuous high pressure reciprocating duty in harsh environment.  Our hydraulic shifting valves are cast of a material that has four times the wear resistance of standard hydraulic valve castings. We manufacture, distribute, and support this line of pumps in such a manner as to make our pump the standard installation piston mud pump of our industry.