Pressures up to 800 PSI

The CLM 7½" x 10" Mono Hydraulic Mud Pump will pump the same rated flow as a 5" x 6" at almost three times the rated pressure. It is also ¼  of the weight, 12" narrower, and 2" shorter
It takes three 5" x 6" mud pumps (each lined with 3" liners = 6990 lbs.) to match the rated pressure and volume of one CLM 7½" x 10" mono pump

Duplex image

Pressures up to 800 PSI

The CLM 7½” x 10” Duplex Hydraulic Mud Pump will fit into the place of a 5” x 6”, pumps twice the rated flow, at almost three times the pressure, and weighs half as much and is 2.3” shorter. 

Triplex image

Pressures up to 800 PSI

The CLM 7½” x 10” Triplex Hydraulic Mud Pump will pump 75% more rated flow than a 5½” x 10”, at almost twice the pressure, is 29.7” shorter, and weighs less than 1/3 as much. 

HYPerformance image


Our new HYPerformance pump is the technology our industry has been waiting on. With projected specifications championing over the 5"x6" with every stroke, the new Centerline Hyperformance pump is a necessity for your drilling needs.

"Patent Pending"



I am 100% satisfied with my duplex. It is amazing how much it pumps. It does everything I need it to do and I will recommend Centerline mud pumps to anyone.

Gil Vigil, Vigil’s Welding and Well, Rancho De Taos, New Mexico

It looks like my Centerline monopump is going to fill my needs.  In our work it is desirable to have volume and pressure for fast Geothermal boreholes.

Charles Stokes, Carolina Geothermal Services, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

When we got our new Centerline pump installed and pumping, we were so impressed with it, we ordered another one. I definitely recommend them.

Garry Lamb, JR’s pump service, Intercession City, Florida

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