It's time for piston mud pumps to enter the 21st century. Centerline hydraulic drive mud pumps utilize common, industry-proven, and easily obtained fluid end parts. Designed to give you better flow capacity, pressure, size and weight advantages, that you won't find anywhere else. Built to exceed the most demanding specifications in the industry, these pumps are built to last.

Centerline Manufacturing is pleased to introduce their line of hydraulic drive mud pumps. Since 1983, Centerline Manufacturing has been involved in the design, manufacture, and production of drilling equipment, support equipment, and tooling for the water well industry. Our line of mud pumps include several new milestone technologies not found anywhere else in the industry.    



The CLM 7½" x 10" Mono Hydraulic Mud Pump will pump the same rated flow as a 5" x 6" at almost three times the rated pressure,is ¼ the weight,12" narrower and 2" shorter.

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The CLM 7½" x 10" Duplex Hydraulic Mud Pump will fit into the place of a 5" x 6", pumps twice the rated flow, at almost three times the pressure, weights half as much and is 19 ½" shorter than a 5½" x 8", it also pumps 35% more, at over twice the rated pressure. Our Duplex installation at 1,350lbs. is ½ the weight for twice the flow displacement and 2.5 times the pressure rating of the GD.

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The CLM 7½" x 10" Triplex Hydraulic Mud Pump will pump 75% more rated flow than a 5½" x 10", at almost twice the pressure, is 29.7" shorter, and weighs less than 1/3 as much.

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Our new HYPerformance pump is the technology our industry has been waiting on. With projected specifications championing over the 5"x 6" with every stroke, the new Centerline Hyperformance mud pump is a necessity for your drilling needs.

"Patent Pending"

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Well Screen Co.

Centerline Well Screen Company was established in 1983 and has been growing ever since. From the original, manually operated screen machine in 1983, to the newest CNC machine we have now. All were designed and created by Cory Miller, the owner for precision well screen manufacturing. He has been cutting his own screen throughout his entire well drilling career. He has been providing slotting service to water well drillers throughout Texas, as well as customers in Michigan, Louisiana, and parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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