Our new HYPerformance pump is the technology our industry has been waiting on. With projected specifications championing over the 5"x6" with every stroke, the new Centerline Hyperformance pump is a necessity for your drilling needs.


Projected specifications:

  • 330 gpm displacement
    over twice that of a 5”x6"
    over 28% more than a 5½”x10”
  • 800 psi pressure rating
    over three times the rating of a 5”x6”
    over twice the rating of a 5½”x10”
  • 72.3” long x 33.5” wide
    7” shorter than a 5”x6”
    35” shorter than a 5½”x10”
  • 1,385 lbs
    over 1,000 lbs less than a 5”x6”
    over 4,600 lbs less than a 5½”x10”

"Patent Pending"

Hyperformance Sneak Peek Pdf.