Our new HYPerformance pump is the technology our industry has been waiting on. With projected specifications championing over the 5"x 6" with every stroke, the new Centerline Hyperformance mud pump is a necessity for your drilling needs.


Projected specifications:

  • 330 gpm displacement
    over twice that of a 5”x 6"
    over 28% more than a 5½”x 10”
  • 800 psi pressure rating
    over three times the rating of a 5”x 6”
    over twice the rating of a 5½”x 10”
  • 72.3” long x 33.5” wide
    7” shorter than a 5”x 6”
    35” shorter than a 5½”x 10”
  • 1,385 lbs
    over 1,000 lbs less than a 5”x 6”
    over 4,600 lbs less than a 5½”x 10”

"Patent Pending"